picDustin Hahn is a highly requested Real Estate speaker and an authority on tax lien and tax deed investing. At the age of 19, Hahn began studying hidden tax sale techniques. Only two years later, he founded the “Ultimate Secrets of Real Estate” intensive training program as a way of sharing his creative and lucrative strategies with other real estate professionals who were interested in learning about tax lien investing. Today he teaches tax sale strategies to individuals from all educational and professional backgrounds. People from all over the world have attended Dustin’s work shops and trainings seminars. Dustin Hahn International is one of very few companies who offer live in field tax sale trainings.

Two to three times per year our company takes a small group of motivated clients to a live tax sale and teaches them how to buy property. Often attendees end up buying property at great deals during the training, others attend to get hands on experience under their belt.